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Heartwarming And Emotional Story

The Road Leads Back (Stonehill Romance) - Marci Boudreaux

What began as a one night stand turns into an absolutely beautiful love story. It restored my belief in the power of true love.


Kara at seventeen finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Harry. Unwelcome at her parents house, scared and afraid she flees to Harry's house hoping his mother will contact him at college. Harry's mother, thinking she is protecting her son, sends Kara away with the promise she will inform her son of the baby. Kara, who has now moved away, continues to send letters and pictures in the hopes that one day Harry will send for them. However, because of his mother's insecurities and fear, Harry is never told about Kara or the baby.


Kara and Harry reunite after 27 years, each unaware of the lies and deception that have kept them apart. The story that follows will definitely pull at your heart. It is full of raw emotions and the possibility that love really can conquer all.


I look forward to reading the next book in the Stonehill Romance series and would highly recommend this book to anybody who believes in the power of true love.